Mission Statement

The Lakewood Historical Society, in association wih the Lakewood Heritage Commission investigates, develops, records, preserves, perpetuates and safeguards the rich and exciting history of Lakewood's past and present. In celebration of our glorious past, the Lakewood Historical Society propagates and reinforces our unique heritage in partnership with the                         "Sheldon Wolpin Lakewood Historical Museum" to provide a venue to educate and exhibit Lakewood history. The mediums for expression will provide Lakewood schools, organizations, the overall surrounding communities and general population with an opportunity to educate, immerse and gain insight into Lakewood's splendid history and ever-changing present.


Dr. Stan Liptzin



Sheldon Wolpin

Sheldon Wolpin, a Lakewood native, has dedicated his adult life to preserving and passing on to others the rich heritage of his town.  Mr. Wolpin has been chairman of the Lakewood Heritage Commission for more than 20 years.  At age 89, he has the remarkable ability to recall names, places, dates and events about our hometown... LAKEWOOD, NJ. Without his leadership, guidance and perserverence, the many accomplishments of the commission, including the establishment of the museum, would not have been possible.

Sheldon Wolpin Lakewood Historical Museum






On June 27, 2012, the Lakewood Historical Society was able to formulate a lease with the Township of Lakewood for the use of Kuser Hall in the Pine Park section of Lakewood. As Chairperson of the Society, Dr. Stan Liptzin had the distinct honor and pleasure to sign this lease for the Society. It is the aim of the Lakewood Historical Society that the Museum will be considered a community enterprise. As Lakewood's population continues to be fluid, pluralistic, and more diverse, the Museum will offer all groups, both ethnic and religious, space to portray their heritage's involvement in the development of Lakewood.


Although the Lakewood Heritage Commission dates back to 1984, the first short-lived museum opened its doors in the original Lakewood High School auditorium in 2004. The abbreviated history of this museum was abruptly ended when the Board of Education sold the then School Administration building. Our museum, which was housed in the auditoruim of the Princeton Avene School building, consisted of permanent displays, provided presentations of past eras and events, sponsored Victorian teas and appropriate period performances and community and regional events such as recognition of the Boys and Girls Scouts of Lakewood, the Model Railroad Society of Ocean County as well as hosting various "Walks Down Memory Lane" honoring past eras so intertwined and linked to Lakewood life.


With the close of the Museum, the Historical Society and Heritage Commission have been working assiduously to find a new home for our rich collection of collector's items, memorabilia, personal effects and possessions. A museum in storage impedes the goal of sharing with the community. After too many years of frustrating attempts to find a home, the Lakewood Township Committee has worked hand-in-hand with the Lakewood Historical Society and Lakewood Heritage Commisssion to provide a permanent residence for the museum!


Kuser Hall, in Pine Park, Lakewood is a former school-classroom building constructed in 1927. This building is ideal for a museum with its many classrooms, science laboratories and large assembly room. The structure itself is of historic nature and has many worthwhile period items inherent in the building which will be retained. The goal is to create museum space within the confines of Kuser Hall to house our rich and splendid collection and provide a permanenet location and setting to share with the community the benefits of knowledge associated with our unique history!